Structural 3 day Skills Course:

Structural course - Teaches the students about the application of safety, health and environmental principles and procedures. They will also learn about the inspection, treatment and control of a range of pests in the domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

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Weed 3 day Skills Course:

Weed control course - Students will learn about the classification and grouping of pesticides in terms of hazards and safety practices, combat problem plants and control vegetation by use of herbicides.

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Fumigation 3 day Skills Course:

Fumigation course - The students will learn about fumigants and fumigation procedures in accordance with legislation as well as personal health, safety and environmental standards.

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Termite 3 day Skills Course:

Termite course - Teaches the student about the identification and control procedures for Subterranean termites and Harvester Termites.

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Fumigation Registration Form

Based on SAQA Unit Standards: 

  • Apply safety, health and environmental principles and procedures in a workplace
  • Explaining applying and excersising safety, health and environmental requirements in a workplace
  • Implement fumigation procedures
  • Demonstrate an understanding of fumigation procedures according to personal health, safety and environmental protection standards
  • Prepare for fumigation procedures according to legislative and operational requirements
  • Conduct fumigation using appropriate safety and protective equipment and clothing
  • Fumigation of stored commodities
  • Control health and nuisance pests
  • Fumigation of commodities under tarps
  • Fumigation of trailers, containers and railcars
  • Grain fumigation
  • Fumigation of bag stacks
  • Fumigating grain bag stacks