Structural 3 day Skills Course:

Structural course - Teaches the students about the application of safety, health and environmental principles and procedures. They will also learn about the inspection, treatment and control of a range of pests in the domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

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Weed 3 day Skills Course:

Weed control course - Students will learn about the classification and grouping of pesticides in terms of hazards and safety practices, combat problem plants and control vegetation by use of herbicides.

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Fumigation 3 day Skills Course:

Fumigation course - The students will learn about fumigants and fumigation procedures in accordance with legislation as well as personal health, safety and environmental standards.

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Termite 3 day Skills Course:

Termite course - Teaches the student about the identification and control procedures for Subterranean termites and Harvester Termites.

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Structural Pest Control

Structural Registration Form

Skills Programme

Duration: 3 days
Cost: Phone the office at (012) 654 7708 for information on course fees
Dates: Available in Gauteng, Durban  and Cape Town

Please note all dates are not set, and could be changed according to interest & needs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : On company request we can arrange a course if the company enrolls a minimum of 10 students.

*SAPCA members get 10% discount.

PCITA presents  four different Skills Development short courses. This courses are designed to meet the needs of those both new to Pest Control and experienced individuals looking to upgrade their skills.

We are concious that although those involved in Pest Control are first and foremost the guardians of public health, many still regard pest control officers as simply “rat catchers”.
Pest Control today is both complex and highly regulated. Controlling target species without affecting the health of non-target species or damaging the environment takes both knowledge and skill.

With this in mind the three day course “Structural Pest Control” has been added to our training portfolio, which include the control of rats, mice, ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas and flies.

About the programme

The Certificate provides an understanding of pests in domestic, commercial and industrial environments and their control.
Mixing and preperation of Pesticides as well as the safety measures to be taken.
It meets the criteria as set out by AgriSETA and fulfils the legal requirements relating to the training of officers as per regulation 2(3)(c) Section 10 of Act 36 of 1947.

Teaching and assessment

The programme covers

  • Explanation, Application and Exercising health, safety and first aid.
  • Legislation
  • Rodents, Cockroaches, Ants, Fleas.
  • Mixing and preparing Pesticides
  • The usage of Pesticide application, safety and protective equipment.
  • And the life skill ‘problem solving’

Career progression

Whilst not intended soley for people working in Pest Control, those who are or who are intending to be employed will be better equipped to carry out their professional duties safely and efficiently.


  • 3 days in class training, with a minimum of at least 6 months experience allows the candidate to apply for his “P” number with Department of Agriculture.
  • In the case of Fumigation, 12 months infield experience are required by law.