Weed Control - 3 day Skills Course

Weed control course - Students will learn about the classification and grouping of pesticides in terms of hazards and safety practices, combat problem plants and control vegetation by use of herbicides.

Weed Control

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Based on SAQA Unit Standards:

  • Classify pesticides in terms of hazards and safety considerations
  • Demonstrate and understanding of the classification of pesticides
  • Pictograms on colour codes on pesticide labels
  • The hazards and precautions printed on labels of pesticide containers
  • The formulations of pesticides
  • Toxicity versus hazardousness in relation to active ingredients
  • Combat problem plants
  • Identify all key problem plant species
  • Apply the appropriate control methods safely and accurately
  • Operate and maintain equipment used in the control of problem plants
  • Keep records of treated areas by means of a recognized method
  • Carry out appropriate follow-up procedures
  • Control vegetation by use of herbicides
  • Inspect area to be treated with herbicides and identify obstructions / hazards
  • Identify and procure protective clothing, road signs and traffic control devices
  • Calculate material quantities, procure material and store
  • Execute work in a cost effective and safe manner